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Corruption in high places is not new. But the extent of the lies and deciept of it in our time is almost unfathomable. While most people sit at home and watch football, or whatever "breads and circus's" you prefer, I have been fighting it on my own time for over 3 decades. I refuse to be a sleeping sheeple, sitting on my rights hoping some politician will fight for me.
What it has wrought me is disdain, disbelief, blatant cognitive dissonance from the public. And flat out malicious prosecution by the government against me. I have been lied to by public servants. Prosecuted for crimes I did not do. False evidence planted. Everything you would expect from a criminal element in government trying to hide their fraud and malicious deeds. I have been labelled a criminal, a terrorist, a "sovereign citizen" (whatever that is) and a sex offender (planted evidence mentioned above). My computers hacked, my identity stolen, cars and trucks blatantly stolen at gunpoint by criminals posing as police. All because I had the audacity to use my head for something other than a hat rack.

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Here you will find true legal research and patriotic issues. There are no pay-triot or patridiot myths here. All information is VERIFIED. From Income Tax, to Right to Travel, These Links will make you sit up and take notice! Do you think the people in government lie to you? If you don't then watch this clip. Pay attention here! You WILL learn something!


Did You Know:

You have the Right to use your automobile on the roadways without a license?

The Motor Vehicle Code may not apply to you if you do not have a license?

The UNITED STATES is a corporation and NOT a government!

And hasn't been since the "un" civil war?

Listen to this audio archived show from the National Intel

Report on 11-03-2010 on

Again, this is all Verified and True information

The United States inc. is also a jurisdiction, not a land mass!

Usurp 101:

The original united states of America has been usurped by a separate and different UNITED STATES formed in 1871, which only controls the District of Columbia and it's territories, and which is actually a corporation (the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY) that acts as the union of states governmental services company. The United States Corporation operates under Corporate/Commercial/Public Law rather than Common/Private Law. What most people fail to understand is, it is a private corporation, just like a Walmart, with employees, company guidelines (codes and statutes) and it own secutiry guards (police), it own courts (to regulate its employees and even jail them if need be), and just like ANY other bad company or employer, YOU CAN QUIT and go back to being a free sovereign again.

How they get you in the first place was a fraudulent deal by Franklin D Roosevelt, whom had no right to do so, yet instituted a company wide policy of registering the births of new children of federal employees as "property" via the use of birth certificates (see, which completely violates slavery laws.

Here is a Timeline of events that lead to the current United States.

  • In 1788 (January 1), The United States was officially bankrupt.
  • In 1790 (August 4), Article One of the U.S. Statutes at Large, pages 138-178, abolished the States of the Republic and created Federal Districts. In the same year, the former States of the Republic reorganized as Corporations and their legislatures wrote new State Constitutions, absent defined boundaries, which they presented to the people of each state for a vote. The new State Constitutions fraudulently made the people "Citizens" of the new Corporate States. A Citizen is also defined as a "corporate fiction".
  • In 1845, Congress passed legislation that would ultimately allow Common Law to be usurped by Admiralty Law. explains this change. The yellow fringe placed at the bottom of court flags shows this is still true. Before 1845, Americans were considered sovereign individuals who governed themselves under Common Law.
  • In 1860 Congress was adjourned Sine Die. Lincoln could not legally reconvene Congress.
  • In 1861, President Lincoln declared a National Emergency and Martial Law, which gave the President unprecedented powers and removed it from the other branches. This has NEVER been reversed.
  • In 1863, the Lieber Code was established taking away your property and your rights.
  • From 1864-1867, Several Reconstruction Acts were passed forcing the states to ratify the 14th Amendment, which made everyone slaves.
  • In 1865, the capital was moved to Washington, D.C., as a separate country not a part of the United States of America (the Republic).
  • In 1871, The United States became a Corporation with a new constitution and a new corporate government, and the original constitutional government was vacated to become dormant, but it was never terminated. The new constitution had to be ratified by the people according to the original constitution, but it never was. The whole process occurred behind closed doors. The people are the source of financing for this new government.
  • In 1917, the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA) was passed. This insightful video from states the following: "This act was implemented to deal with the countries we were at war with during World War I. It gave the President and the Alien Property Custodian the right to seize the assets of the people included in this act and if they wanted to do business in this country they could apply for a license to do so. By 1921, the Federal Reserve Bank (the trustee for the Alien Property Custodian) held over $700,000,000 in trust." Understand that this trust was based on our assets, not theirs.
  • In 1933, 48 Stat 1, of the TWEA was amended to include the United States Person because they wanted to take our gold away. Executive Order 6102 was created to make it illegal for a U.S. Citizen to own gold. In order for the Government to take our gold away and violate our Constitutional rights, we were reclassified as ENEMY COMBATANTS.
  • In 1933, there was a second United States bankruptcy. In the first bankruptcy the United States collateralized all public lands. In the 1933 bankruptcy, the U.S. government collateralized the private lands of the people (a lien) which they borrowed money against our private lands. They were then mortgaged. That is why we pay property taxes.

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Southern Poverty Law Center named most Evil hate group in America.

 On the heals of The Southern Poverty Law Centers press release about hate groups expanding in America including such benign groups as Ron Paul Revolution followers  and Tea Party republicans, copwatch, and, which is devoted to the purpose of expediting the truth about government abuses and promoting freedom for all, has unanimously named the Southern Poverty Law Center and its representative Mark Potok as the most Evil hate group in America.
 The so called "Law Center" is not really a law center at all and deceptively confuses people to believe they help impoverished people of the south. Nothing could be further from the truth. The SPLC is an Israeli Zionist political lobby with ties to Israel that promotes the Zionist Israelis as the "superior race" (THATS NAZIS FOLKS!) and all the rest of the world as "goyem" or cattle to be slaughtered according to their Holy book the Talmud. Yet another bunch of Hitlers running amok in America. Any one who disagrees with them is labeled "anti Semitic", "racist", extremist, and a hate group.
 Washington is inundated with their lobbyists which foment propaganda and scare the members of congress with their rhetoric. No doubt they have a big influence in legislation and rule making.  However while they rant and rave about bogie men everywhere who plan on overthrowing the government they ring the bell upon themselves. They have infiltrated government itself and taken over with their subterfuge, The true haters are they themselves and they are running scared by crying wolf at every political group that goes against them. I encourage you, please DO NOT BELIEVE ME! Do your own due diligence and research this notorious hate group. Please see

-- Management

A proven Cure for Cancer? Why does the medical industry ignore it?

Vitamin B17 (Laetrile, or nitriloside) Has been proven to treat cancer naturally. Yet the medical community continues to ignore the evidence and stands fast with big pharma in creating the disease and then making a living by treating only the symptoms keeping people on costly medications for as long as the person survives.

For the full story, click here

Watch G. Edward Griffin's lectures on Laetrile on Youtube click here

Man Proves TSA Policies Are Unconstitutional

Matt Kernan
No Blasters!

On November 21, 2010, I was allowed to enter the U.S. through an airport security checkpoint without being x-rayed or touched by a TSA officer.  This post explains how. Click here


It was good news!

Former representative Bobby Franklin of District 43 of the Georgia State Assembly introduced the Right To Travel Act while he was still in office. It had already had a second reading and if it had passed would have eliminated the requirement for drivers licenses in that state since obtaining a drivers license requires the surrender of and inalienable right! The Bill was HB875. We will miss you Mr. Franklin. It was a good try!

Are You a UNITED STATES citizen?
Just what are you doing to your status in law when you admit to it? (09-25-2010)

This is an update to Breaking News on the 14th Amendment (09-04-2010)
The following is an MP3 of a Radio interview with Kurt Kallenbach on "US Citizen","Corporation", and "Withdrawal of Consent" from the "I Am The People" Radio show - Eidted 4-20-2010 and 9-21-2010

Click Here to listen or download

Kurt Kallenbach has blown the lid off the Fraud of the corporate United States! Click here to watch his fantastic eye opening youtube video Season Of Treason (06/04/2011) Happy Independance!


Astounding News on the14th Amendment! [09-04-2010]
I was up late last night listening to RBN when this brilliant guest came on Phil Pozderac's show "POZitively Unconstitutional" at midnight. It was a rebroadcast from earlier Saturday morning. The guests name is L.B. Bork who has written a book called "The Red Amendment" Which details in Law how the De Jure united States of America was corrupted and replaced with the now defacto corporate UNITED STATES. It all hinges upon how the CONgress enacted the 14th amendment during the civil war era, turning everyone into "subjects" of the UNITED STATES, and by hook and crook, swindeling us out of our State National Soveriegn status. He explains it all very well during the interview, and in my humble opinion is an absolute MUST listen to. The URL is
It is the September 4th Show.

Click Here to listen or download

UPDATE 09-18=2010!!! Congress Declares the 14th Amendment Unconstitutional!

Congressional Record June 13 1967  


Did you know, you have a right to travel? That there is no law for the average American who does not engage in commerce upon the roadways to obtain or posess a "drivers license"? Nor is there a law requiring the registration of automobiles? Nor insurance, and the miriad of other "motor vehicle" statutes? Did you know that your automobile is not necesarily a "motor vehicle", as it is defined in law? There are many legal briefs on the subject. One of them is right here:

A Brief on the Right to travel.  Click here  POWERFUL GOOD!

The ultimate web page on the Right To Travel Click Here
Search for more on the Right to travel.

By far the most damning evidence is in the law itself:
Title 18 USC, Section 31 (Definitions), Subsections 6 and 10

Now, you tell me. Do you drive a motor vehicle? Do you drive Commercially?
Does the motor vehicle code apply to you if you don't? So why do you keep paying? Why do you let them rape you by letting them extort money out of you?

Also watch these Youtube videos!

Charlie Sprinkle, may he rest in peace, is one of the founding legal researchers on the right to travel in California.

Charles Sprinkle part 2

Please read the comments after that video, dont believe the liar (lawyer, he is only looking out for his "professional" butt.

Lots of legal mumbo jumbo but if you pay attention, you will learn something.

 A dissertation from "612"


Listen  to Stu Webb's shocking presentation as he Explains it all of what really went on, and continues today, behind the walls of government for the last 30 years!!!

 Get your free copy of the Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices!!!

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