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Republic of Californias' Premier Private Amusement Repair Service

Sir Alan-Russell: Neuman
Antiques and Amusements
Coin-op Repair Specialist

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Trading for your games on the American West Coast area!

San Buenaventura, California [near 93001]
Servicing Ventura, and vicinity

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Skype Contact: alan_neuman


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Hours: By private appointment only

I am based out of San Buenaventura, California. My base service rates apply only within a 30 mile radius. If you live beyond the Ventura area, please click here.

Established in 1996, Alan Neuman Amusements is intended to be a private service under the common law, servicing the coin-op amusement industry and in home clients. With past clients such as the Ventura Harbor Village Carousel, Camarillo's own Lazerstar, Golf N Stuff, Dragon Amusements, and Universal Studios Hollywood via Golden Years Amusements, and my latest brief escapade, Palisades Amusements of Las Vegas, you can be sure that I will try to help you with just about every amusement need.I can.
I have also installed, maintained and repaired surveillance systems and point of sale systems such as Squirrel, POSNet, and MICROS. I repair PC Computers as well!

soles! Pleasall!

Effective 4-1-2018, Local area base service rates are: Home service calls are a 7oz of silver, ($110 in FRNs) applied at the time of service at your location. This includes the first 2 hours . Additional hours or follow up service calls at your location are 6oz/hour ($95/hour in FRNs). "In shop" service at my home, inlcuding bench services, is only 6oz/hour ($95/hour in FRNs). All services subject to availablility and by private appointment.

Commercial clients please leave an email for details about service.

Payment for currencies other than silver is accepted by and through PayPal to gamesmedic@gamesmedic.com (no fees if paid through your PayPal balance), Credit card payments may also be made through Paypal, Click the dart board picture above (If you are not usng your PayPal Balance or paying with a credit or debit card, please add a processing fee of 2.75%), or E-Check/Check (Note: (2.75% Check fee or E-check also applies). NEW! I do accepting Bitcoins, on the current date and times spot price to ! Please ask me how!  *** WARRANTY SERVICE *** I offer a 90 day warranty on all labor only. Should your machine or device malfunction based upon problems previously thought to be isolated and repaired, I will return to your location and rediagnose, and in most cases repair it for free [parts not included].  NOTE: WARRANTY SERVICE IS ONLY ABAILABLE WITHIN MY LOCAL SERVICE AREA [your machine or location is within a 30 mile radius of Ventura.]


This website, and the contents, is/are the private, copyrighted, property of Alan-Russell:Neuman, a private living man. NOT A COMMERCIAL ENTITY
Any viewing, copying, storing, screen imaging, archiving, or any other use of this web site and its contents and/or iterations, past, present, or future, BY ANYBODY, is only allowed upon the express exacting written consent of the author, Alan-Russell:Neuman. Any use whatsoever without consent is strictly prohibited, and you are ordered to leave and destroy any and all records immediately. If you continue to use this site or any of the contents therein, you can and may be prosecuted under the DMCA and/or other copyright laws, and possibly criminal actions to the fullest extent of the law.
All services of Alan Neuman, Alan Neuman Amusements, and Alan Neuman Enterprises, may incidentally be displayed to the public. However, they are privately contracted services on location by and for private people or parties.
No Public, Commercial, For Profit Services are offered.
Last updated  04/03/2018
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