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The Government (employees) lie, they lie all the time, even when the truth would serve them
better -- Dave Champion

This is my private blog. Whether or not you agree. Life itself is a game. Not always fun. I am not an "Attorney", I do not give "legal" advise. Your continued use, or viewing constitutes your agreement to hold the author(s) harmless and not liable for any information presented. The user is cautioned STRONGLY to do their own research and due diligence.

Corruption in high places is not new. But the extent of the lies and deceit of it in our time is unfathomable. While most people sit at home and watch football, or whatever "breads and circus'" you prefer, I have been fighting this fraud on my own time for over 3 decades. I refuse to be a sleeping sheeple, sitting on my rights hoping some politician will fight for me, because I know full well they are all on the dole and cannot, nor will not do anything helpful.

What it has wrought me is disdain, disbelief, blatant cognitive dissonance from the people, constant contempt from BAR attorneys, and flat out malicious prosecution by the government against me. I have been lied to by public servants. Prosecuted for crimes I did not do. My computers hacked. False evidence planted. Everything you would expect from a criminal element in government trying to hide their fraud and malicious deeds. I have been labelled a criminal, a terrorist, a "sovereign citizen" (there is no such thing), and a sex offender (planted evidence mentioned above), my identity stolen, cars and trucks blatantly stolen at gunpoint by criminals posing as peace officers. All because I had the audacity to use my head for something other than a beer funnel.

 This is a work in progress and will be continually changing. Corrections will occur occasionally as information updates and the level of ADHD spelling and grammar mistakes discovered that day.

Whenever you are dragged into their courts, the first statement you should say is
"I am a sovereign protected by the Sovereign Immunities act!"
If they try to say anything to the contrary, the first question you should ask is

It is not your duty to prove whom or what you are, it is their duty to prove you aren't.

 The second statement you should make is

How do you get the People to be under Municipal/Territorial/Federal codes and Statutes?
Deceive the People to believe they are under them, trick them into becoming so by having them contract into it, since before they were born... Ignore the fact that they aren't, by committing silent fraud.
This has been a 200 plus year old plan in the making.

The Theft of Peoples property, presumably because of the Peoples use of private Federal Reserve Notes, constitutes Criminal Fraud,
 as the Peoples money was stolen in 1933.
Promoting the use of Admiralty/Maritime Jurisdiction on land is fraud! The people are born with Sovereign Rights.
These right are vested by our Divine Creator and cannot be given away, nor taken away.

Stop The Pirates
Your value to society

By analogy, consider that when you go to prison, everything of value is taken from you - your time, your attention, your freedom, your ability to function as a contributing member of society, the option to apply your intellectual or manual skills.  Even your property is of no use to you if you cannot benefit from ownership.
When government does this, it must assume total responsibility for you and pay your way.  So, your food, clothing, housing/shelter, medical care, etc are provided because that is the State\'s legal responsibility.
Likewise, when the UNITED STATES declared bankruptcy, pledged all Americans as collateral against the national debt, and confiscated all gold, eliminating the means by which you could pay, it also assumed legal responsibility for providing a new way for you to pay, and it did that by providing what is known as the Exemption, an exemption from having to pay for anything.  In practical terms, though, this meant giving each American something to pay with, and that \"something\" is your credit.
Your value to society was then and still is calculated using actuarial tables and at birth, bonds equal to this \"average value\" are created.  I understand that this is currently between one and two million dollars.  These bonds are collateralized by your birth certificate which becomes a negotiable instrument.  The bonds are hypothecated, traded until their value is unlimited for all intents and purposes, and all that credit created is technically and rightfully yours.  In point of fact, you should be able to go into any store in America and buy anything and everything in sight, telling the clerk to charge it to your Exemption account, which is identified by a nine-digit number that you will recognize as your Social Security number without the dashes.  It is your EIN, which stands for Exemption Identification Number.
However, the clever white collar criminals have done everything in their power to block your access to your own credit by creating the corporate fiction which is a trust identified by your name in all capital letters.  It is commonly referred to as your strawman.  It is a Debtor, like all corporate entities under the bankruptcy because it is a subset of the bankrupt debtor government. It is not you, but you unknowingly serve as the Trustee for this fiction, manage it for a lifetime, and are legally liable for any and all debts it incurs unless by administrative means you lay claim to any and all value it might contain by creating a security agreement between you and it.   Once you have done this no other fiction can have any dealings with your fiction without your express permission as a Creditor to and creator of its value.  It cannot even be sued without your permission.  In fact, no court, government agency, law enforcement agency, attorney, or other corporate entity can transact business of any kind with the strawman without your permission. It is the one thing that every judge has drilled into his head, that the court must have your consent before it can prosecute your strawman, rule, put you in jail (you, the unwitting surety for the strawman which as a fiction cannot be put in jail), because it is not you that they are prosecuting, it is the strawman, and because it is your property, they need your consent for their fiction court or attorney to transact business (under admiralty/commercial UCC law) with your strawman.  The person in the black robe sitting in front of a court is a man on the land operating a corporate fiction called a court, which can only do business with another fiction, your strawman.  If you have ever looked at a Summons and Complaint, which typically starts a legal proceeding/suit, you will see the identities of the parties involved as Plaintiff and Defendant, are always spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, because they are fictions.[Don't look at your name on the court calendar. Look for the all CAPS name on the charging documents].
Cleverer still, the UNITED STATES contracted with the Federal Reserve to use its private, copyrighted scrip, the Federal Reserve note, for all debts both private and public, and that private scrip can only be brought into the PUBLIC, the corporate domain that is the system we currently live in, through a chartered banking institution or a pass-through account, and that pass-through account is your limited liability social security account.  Anyone bringing money into the PUBLIC in any other way can be charged with money laundering.
 With that groundwork laid, we come to the greatest scam of all, the use of your credit without your permission or knowledge.  In a debt-based system such as the one we use under the national bankruptcy of 1933, all value is created through lending, and what you lend is credit because there is no longer any money.  The government took it all away. As previously stated, every living soul in the system has the right and, albeit cleverly hidden, the ability to create credit.  Only a living soul whose value to society has been denominated in bonds collateralized by evidence of his physical birth, has access to credit except for fictions such as banks which are chartered by the government, given the franchise to create credit.  However, when you sit down with a banker to \"take out a loan\", you sign a promissory note, and on the strength of your signature, the loan, which is really a draw on your own credit, originally created to satisfy a legal requirement to provide you with a means to pay, is created, but you are led to believe that the bank is lending you its assets so that it is entitled to repayment of principle plus interest.  Wrong.  The bank is using your credit to create the loan and then demanding that you pay back something that belongs to you.    This means that all loans are fraudulent because under the terms of the contract, whether it is a mortgage, a line of credit, a credit card account, a car loan. or any other loan, the truth of the matter was not fully divulged, and no contract can stand as legitimate and lawful unless all the terms of the agreement were shared with the \"borrower\".  In fact, the bank deposits the promissory note that you sign just as it would a check that you wrote.  It flips it over and endorses it, creates a special demand-type account, deposits it, then carries the loan on its books first as an asset and secondly as a liability owed to YOU.  Of course, they never tell you this, but it is true.  If you are willing to risk having your accounts at the bank shut down, try asking a branch manager exactly what happens to a promissory note.
But I digress.  The fact is, you have unlimited credit, and there is a burgeoning community of Americans who are learning to lawfully access and utilize this credit to settle their commercial affairs.  It's quite a tussle, because the Powers do not want to cooperate.  The government was legally required to provide you with a means to pay anything anytime, but it did not see that it was obligated to show you how to access it, so it has taken many years of patriots working very hard to uncover and develop the means to do just that - use their credit to better their lives and those of their loved ones.  It is the ultimate gift in this system, and one that you should be grateful that people are devoting their lives to.
In summary, in our debt-based system, all value is created by lending in order to discharge, not pay, another debt/obligation.  The value behind this lending is credit.  For you, this credit was based on your personal worth and was created by bonds collateralized by your birth certificated and valued according to actuarial tables.  This credit, your Exemption, is all yours, authorized under the terms of the bankruptcy and HJR192 to replace the gold confiscated by the government.  The government and all its subsets have tried very hard for many decades to keep the fact of this value from you, and structured your interface with the rest of the corporate world so that you have acted as the surety for a Debtor fiction, your strawman.  The predictable effect of this has been your personal amnesia, forgetting who you really are, a Creditor, while the government has pillaged your credit for its own uses, leaving you enslaved without even knowing it, thus the ultimate deception and fraud.  http://stopthepirates.blogspot.com/2018/06/your-value-to-society.html
I alan-russell: house of neuman, give no permission for me, nor the copyrighted legal identity fiction ALAN RUSSELL NEUMAN©™ nor any of its derivatives, to be sued. PERIOD!

There used to be 2 distinct governments, and 2 distinct Constitutions.

One of, by, and for the People, and one for the peoples business in commerce.
Today however, there is a grand illusion that the peoples government is in abeyance.
It isn't. But for the moment,

You have been lied to. You have been misled (deceived) into believing that you need to register births, your homes, your automobiles, your property with the government. Presumably under the trading with the Enemies Act of 1917. All because of the "civil skirmish" of 1862. This is the grand fraud.

The use of Federal Reserve Notes (USD) is for the strict use of the discharge of debts between government departments, employees, and military personnel, and does not constitute payment. It is the receiving of an alleged benefit under the incorporated United States statutes. - http://www.freedom-school.com/money/federal-reserve-notes-not-legal-tender.pdf

The Constitution for the unincorporated united states of America expressly forbids anything other than gold or silver coin for the payment of debts and therefore the use of Federal Reserve notes is NOT for the use of the People! The Constitution of the UNITED (incorporated) STATES, for government employees and military, may not.

This is why we use tokens in the arcade industry. The use of the incorporated UNITED STATES money system gives prima facie evidence that we are government employees, or military personnel (Second class, corporate U.S. citizens). When used with arcade machines of chance, it could also be seen as gaming, Money=gambling/needs to be taxed and regulated. Tokens, not taxed and regulated.

The current courts and police are private, paid, commercial statute and code enforcement, for government employees, and/or military ONLY. Statutory law, is for GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY employees ONLY! It is not the courts and the law for the sovereign People.

This is why the flag they fly at most courthouses is the military flag of the Incorporated UNITED STATES per their flag code, which is to be flown in front of military installations. https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/USCODE-2011-title4/pdf/USCODE-2011-title4-chap1.pdf , and, https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/4/1

In America, the flag for the Sovereign people can be anything BUT "old Glory", Red White and Blue, because that is their WAR flag, and their intellectual property. If you fly THEIR flag, on your homes, on your cars, or use anything that belongs to them, you are PRESUMED to be under their authority. So if you don't want to be under their authority, DON'T do anything to give them that presumption!

The law for the Sovereign American people, and the world, is the common law. There are many rules under the common law. But the basic tenets are, you have the power to privately contract, respect other peoples rights, and do no intentional malicious harm. That's it! In other words, the golden rule!

These are the tricks these government employees are using to rope EVERYONE into their presumed jurisdiction! We all have to STOP using Federal Reserve note currency otherwise known as USD, or use disclaimers every time we do! We DON'T fly the military flag! We DON'T register our children and births! We DON'T get licenses to marry, or "drive" (as a commercial occupation). We DON'T register our homes, automobiles, and property with the government! PERIOD! Because we are NOT government employees, nor in the military!

If they pull you over, or send code enforcement upon you, you tell them you are a Sovereign. Oh sure, they will make a big stink, but it is all theater, a fraud to trick you into their jurisdiction! It is not up to you to prove you are sovereign. It is up to them to prove you are not! They will lie, cheat, steal! All fraud and deceit to trick you! Don't fall for it. Stand your ground!

When the courts belong to the people, as the United States Constitution REQUIRES, (Article IV, Section 4, we the people, will NEVER rule against themselves.) In these Unconstitutional courts of foreign tribunals (hoodlum centers), "men" and in some cases "women" are wearing black dresses, that are Unconstitutional ROBES OF NOBILITY, (Article 1, Section 9 and 10) dispense a perverted ideology, where the people are terrorized by members of the BLACK ROBE CULT (lawyers and lawyer judges in the courtrooms).

The legislative branch of government does NOT have the Constitutional Power to issue Court Orders or any other kind of Orders to the people, as a fiction court or a court/corporation for profit and gain cannot reach parity with a lawful man (Penhallow v. Doane’s Administrators ,3 U.S. 54 (1795)). ONLY presidents and governors have the Constitutional Power to grant PARDONS, but lawyers and lawyer-judges are unconstitutionally granting PARDONS with "immunity from prosecution to themselves." Corporate Citizens are not permitted to act like people in their courts. The Corporate Citizen is told that he does not know how to fill out fancy lawyer forms; that he/she is not trained in the law; that he/she does not know court rules and procedures; etc. This is an Unconstitutional "lawyer system," only HEARSAY SUBSTITUTES (lawyers) NOT under oath, have access to the fiction/for profit and gain courts, even though ONLY sworn testimony and evidence can be presented in court. Anything else is Bill of Attainder, NOT permitted under the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Sections 9 and 10). The U.S. Constitution does NOT give anyone the right to a lawyer or the right to counsel, or the right to any other HEARSAY SUBSTITUTE. The 6th Amendment is very SPECIFIC, that the accused ONLY has the right to the ASSISTANCE of counsel and this ASSISTANCE of counsel CAN BE ANYONE THE ACCUSED CHOOSES WITHOUT LIMITATION. -- http://www.freedom-school.com

We are NOT citizens! PERIOD! We are Sovereign, and it is not up to us to prove it! It is up to these courts committing fraud, to prove that we are not! Which they will never do, because it will expose the entire fraud to the world, expose them for the treasonous criminals they are, and put their own buts in in Guantanamo Bay for the rest of their natural lives. They will have to make a choice between correcting all of their past errors and making compensation, or be thrown into their own military prisons for treason against the American States and People.

Evidence of the fraud

For today, to best way to think of the term 'Public' is from the perspective of an office of the government. "Public officials", "Public Office" all should be seen from the perspective of those whom work by and of the government, those whom are employed by and of the government. Also the government, should not be viewed from the idea that it is for the People in common. It is in fact private, and they are "public" only unto themselves and their organization!

Public stems from the term Publican, which was an office held by a tax collector for the Crown of England. So if you are in the "Public", you are seen as employed, or employees of the PRIVATE government. An attorneys BAR card, says right on it;
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Therefore, when you see it from the perspective that the government as you know it is private, with public officers by and for its own municipal/territorial/federal employees, this should tell you right there, that they are not the courts, not the lawyers, by and for the Sovereign people, and certainly not out for YOUR interests! They are treasonous traitors to the Sovereign American people, whom have sworn an oath to the crown of England, and expressly forbidden to hold any office under the 13th amendment of the Constitution for the united states of America, and Americans. The courts that fly the Red White and Blue, so common now, ARE NOT OUR COURTS! They are private courts for government employees and military personell ONLY! -- http://www.freedom-school.com/law/law_license.shtml and BAR attorneys are not licensed to practice law whatsoever!

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Here you will find true legal research and patriotic issues. There are no pay-triot or patridiot myths here. All information is VERIFIED. From Income Tax, to Right to Travel, These Links will make you sit up and take notice! Do you think the people in government lie to you? If you don't then watch this clip. Pay attention here! You WILL learn something!


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Southern Poverty Law Center named most Evil hate group in America.

 On the heals of The Southern Poverty Law Centers press release about hate groups expanding in America including such benign groups as Ron Paul Revolution followers  and Tea Party republicans, copwatch, and APFN.org, which is devoted to the purpose of expediting the truth about government abuses and promoting freedom for all, has unanimously named the Southern Poverty Law Center and its representative Mark Potok as the most Evil hate group in America.
 The so called "Law Center" is not really a law center at all and deceptively confuses people to believe they help impoverished people of the south. Nothing could be further from the truth. The SPLC is an Israeli Zionist political lobby with ties to Israel that promotes the Zionist Israelis as the "superior race" (THATS NAZIS FOLKS!) and all the rest of the world as "goyem" or cattle to be slaughtered according to their Holy book the Talmud. Yet another bunch of Hitlers running amok in America. Any one who disagrees with them is labeled "anti Semitic", "racist", extremist, and a hate group.
 Washington is inundated with their lobbyists which foment propaganda and scare the members of congress with their rhetoric. No doubt they have a big influence in legislation and rule making.  However while they rant and rave about bogie men everywhere who plan on overthrowing the government they ring the bell upon themselves. They have infiltrated government itself and taken over with their subterfuge, The true haters are they themselves and they are running scared by crying wolf at every political group that goes against them. I encourage you, please DO NOT BELIEVE ME! Do your own due diligence and research this notorious hate group. Please see


-- Management

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A proven Cure for Cancer? Why does the medical industry ignore it?

Vitamin B17 (Laetrile, or nitriloside) Has been proven to treat cancer naturally. Yet the medical community continues to ignore the evidence and stands fast with big pharma in creating the disease and then making a living by treating only the symptoms keeping people on costly medications for as long as the person survives.

For the full story, click here

Watch G. Edward Griffin's lectures on Laetrile on Youtube click here

Man Proves TSA Policies Are Unconstitutional

Matt Kernan
No Blasters!

On November 21, 2010, I was allowed to enter the U.S. through an airport security checkpoint without being x-rayed or touched by a TSA officer.  This post explains how. Click here


It was good news!

Former representative Bobby Franklin of District 43 of the Georgia State Assembly introduced the Right To Travel Act while he was still in office. It had already had a second reading and if it had passed would have eliminated the requirement for drivers licenses in that state since obtaining a drivers license requires the surrender of and inalienable right! The Bill was HB875. We will miss you Mr. Franklin. It was a good try!


Astounding News on the 14th Amendment! [09-04-2010]
I was up late last night listening to RBN when this brilliant guest came on Phil Pozderac's show "POZitively Unconstitutional" at midnight. It was a rebroadcast from earlier Saturday morning. The guests name is L.B. Bork who has written a book called "The Red Amendment" http://www.redamendment.net/home/. Which details in Law how the De Jure united States of America was corrupted and replaced with the now defacto corporate UNITED STATES. It all hinges upon how the CONgress enacted the 14th amendment during the civil war era, turning everyone into "subjects" of the UNITED STATES, and by hook and crook, swindling us out of our State National Soveriegn status. He explains it all very well during the interview, and in my humble opinion is an absolute MUST listen to. The URL is
It is the September 4th Show.

Click Here to listen or download

UPDATE 09-18=2010!!! Congress Declares the 14th Amendment Unconstitutional!

Congressional Record June 13 1967  


Did you know, you have a right to travel? That there is no law for the average American who does not engage in commerce upon the roadways to obtain or posess a "drivers license"? Nor is there a law requiring the registration of automobiles? Nor insurance, and the miriad of other "motor vehicle" statutes? Did you know that your automobile is not necesarily a "motor vehicle", as it is defined in law? There are many legal briefs on the subject. One of them is right here:

A Brief on the Right to travel.  Click here  POWERFUL GOOD!

The ultimate web page on the Right To Travel Click Here
Search for more on the Right to travel.

By far the most damning evidence is in the law itself:
Title 18 USC, Section 31 (Definitions), Subsections 6 and 10

Now, you tell me. Do you drive a motor vehicle? Do you drive Commercially?
Does the motor vehicle code apply to you if you don't? So why do you keep paying? Why do you let them rape you by letting them extort money out of you?

Also watch these Youtube videos!


Charlie Sprinkle, may he rest in peace, is one of the founding legal researchers on the right to travel in California.


Charles Sprinkle part 2


Please read the comments after that video, don't believe the liar (lawyer), he is only looking out for his "professional" butt.


Lots of legal mumbo jumbo but if you pay attention, you will learn something.

 A dissertation from "612"


Listen  to Stu Webb's shocking presentation as he Explains it all of what really went on, and continues today, behind the walls of government for the last 30 years!!!


 Get your free copy of the Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices!!!

Click Here

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to be a Christian, gay, conservative Libertarian?

You get used to everybody hating you!

Check back from time to time. I will be updating as time permits. Last update 07/25/2018

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I can do all things through Christ. Some may not be expedient, but there is no sin in it.
Under American common law, you are free to do as you wish, so long as you respect other Sovereigns rights, and cause no intentional malicious harm.