Thank you for choosing Alan Neuman Amusements.
I want to clarify something directly. I am not a factory trained technician as most factories have long since gone out of business. Most technicians are tradesmen whom learn by doing, and referencing hours and hours of material. I am such a tradesman. While I excell at my craft, I cannot know every intricate detail of every machine and for that I appologize. In the field of commercial amusements, now would be antiques, I am what would be called a general practitioner. Meaning, If I find something I am not readily able to understand or correct, I often consult with other technicians and reference material. I literally spend hours daily doing research. All early model jukeboxes are a pain! Period! You may feel like your machine just needs a simple adjustment. WRONG! They are very complicated and intricate machines with MANY things that need to be maintained and adjusted over time. Service that usually never gets done in many years. That said, please bear with me if your particular machine should take longer than expected or aniticipated. Also be prepared for a hefty bill. Your patience is appreciated.